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3d Trains & Wagons

Steam Locomotive Train

The 3d model was designed according to the real vehicle base, It’s created accurately, qualitatively, and maximally close to the original. The high-detail exterior is great for close-up renders, Also the model was created with 3DS Max 2011 using the open subdivision modifier left in the stack to adjust the level of detail.

Modify Tools:

Editable Poly, Turbo Smooth - Level 2


3d's Max 2011 - Standard Materials - Polys 13716204 - Verts 7239338

3d's Max 2016 - Vray Materials - Polys 13721596 - Verts 7214949

Converted Formats:

Standard colors are available with below converted formats.

Obj / C4D R9.5/ 3ds/ Lwo Light Wave 11.5 / Mb Maya 2012 (Binary) / STL / FBX / XSI Soft Image 2014/Blender

Main Parts:

45 Parts

the model is consist of 22 main big parts, this feature we provide to make the model parts controlling and coloring very easy. if you have any problem in this model, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to continuously dealing with you.

Markos 3D

Connecting Dots
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