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World of 3d Mechanical Projects 

Who We Are

Hi! This is Markos,

Here is a high experience in 3d modeling, Here is Markos 3d!

we started in the year 2008, 
Today our 3d models were designed according to the real vehicle base, It’s created accurately, qualitatively, and maximally close to the original.
The high details of our 3d modelings are great for close-up renders, Also the 3d models were created with old editions on 3DS Max-like 2008 and 2014 using the open subdivision modifier which has been left in the stack to adjust the level of detail.

Kinds of 3d models that we provide,
Engines, heavy vehicles, airplanes, ships, cars, generators, bikes, trains, space ships, low poly models, different kinds of engine parts, house assets, Accessories, Buildings, and 3d logos.

if you have any problem with our models that you buy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are ready to execute your requests for 3d models, you can send us your urgent requests using this email

Best Regards.

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