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3d Vehicle Parts

H21D Forestry Harvester Head with Arm

The high detail exterior is great for close-up renders, the model was created in 3d's Max 2011 environment, using the open subdivision modifier which has been left in the stack to adjust the level of detail.

Modify Tools & Levels:

Editable Poly Level (Base): Polys 175088 - Verts 185226

Turbo Smooth - Level 1: Polys 1411592 - Verts 718973

Turbo Smooth - Level 2: Polys 5646368 - Verts 2847879


3d's Max 2011-Standard Materials-Turbo Smooth(Level2) - Polys 5646368 - Verts 2847879

3d's Max 2016-Vray Materials-Turbo Smooth(Level2) - Polys 5262944 - Verts 26555890

Converted Formats:

Standard colors are available with below converted formats.

Obj / C4D R21/ 3ds/ Lwo Light Wave 11.5 / STL / FBX / XSI Soft Image 2014/Maya MB/Blender

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